A relationship-based practice, Camber & True Collective puts people at the heart of all designs. After all, that's what architecture and design is about anyway – designing spaces for human habitation.

Relationship-Based Architecture & Design

We want you to actually get to know the team working on your project -IRL. They care just about it just as much as you do.

Camber & True Collective

Deb Sylva formed Camber & True Collective as part of a proverbial journey through bumpy, curvy roads offset by straight, narrow passageways. She recognized the character and wisdom that only comes with experience and that we each have our own versions of the same story. At Camber & True, we take the hardness of construction and juxtapose this against the softness of materiality. Internally, we demand excellence of our team members, while treating all with grace. Even the spaces and buildings we create have an inherent beauty that can only be crafted through the combination of those curves and straights. As individuals, we are crafted into better humans through the curves and the straights. Together these are the camber and the true.

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What We Do

This question can be best answered with another question – what do you need? Our practice is relationship-based so we continue to build relationships with our clients, focusing on what is needed for each individual client and project.

We just so happen to focus our efforts in the primary market areas of retail, restaurant/hospitality and residential.


Our roots are in retail. With beginnings in the retail hey day of the early to mid-1990’s, Camber & True Collective is all about the customer experience. We take each retail location and consider the customer at all points in the design. We work with the individual operators to develop the best flow for the space while keeping in mind their schedule and budget.

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Deb Sylva created this space for Marshall Retail
Group in collaboration with Almany Architecture

So many memories revolve around food and vacations and staycations, and, and, and…. They all come back to the way you felt at that moment. There’s that one experience you will never forget and chances are it happened in a restaurant or other hospitality space. Believe it or not, the design of a restaurant takes that into consideration. Camber & True use their customer-centric design and relationship-focused style to mold each restaurant and hospitality space to answer the question “what do you need?”

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Deb Sylva created this space for Marshall Retail
Group in collaboration with WDA Architects

The epitome of a relationship-based practice is in the family home. The Camber & True team understand that these projects are definitely personal. We offer kindness right along with knowledge as we assist you along the way of developing your dream home, guest house, kitchen, or whatever other space you’ve always wanted.

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    Deb Sylva created this space for Marshall Retail
    Group in Collaboration with WDA Architects